Rainforest QA augments human app testing with machine learning

Testing mobile apps is an essential development phase, ensuring new features work as intended, across all situations and devices. To make testing faster and more effective, Rainforest QA has brought its innovative AI-powered crowd testing platform out of beta, making it available to developers everywhere.

It’s the only platform that combines both crowd testing and a machine learning process to give results based on real-world devices, and virtual machines. The artificial intelligence extends beyond this, measuring testers speed and accuracy, to make recommendations on future tasks. These high reputation testers may even go on to train the machine learning system during its own testing.

Russell Smith, Rainforest QA co-founder, said:

“Traditional mobile testing solutions that rely on testers using their personal devices take days or weeks to return results, and those results are often hard to reproduce. Rainforest QA’s platform approach, which blends virtual machines and real devices — while running AI underneath to verify results — can provide fully on-demand, comprehensive, highly-reproducible testing completed within hours each and every time.”

The beta was released in February and has had more than 20,000 tests pushed through by 3,000 testers. The platform is fast, with virtual machine tests ready in 30 minutes and real-world tests in a matter of hours, and expansive, with 60,000 testers ready to go. Visit the company’s website here to learn more.

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