A Quick Guide to Bring Huge Downloads and Virality for Your App with a Landing Page

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Posted: July 12, 2016

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Well, if you are thinking that launching your mobile app in the app store is all you need to do to draw in a good number of downloads for your app, think again! While there are plenty of apps offering same products or service like your app does, making your app go viral won’t be an easy task.

Guide to drive app downloads and generate virality

Various ASO (App Store Optimization) strategies like selecting right app name, correct app indexing, putting best screenshots or previews of the app and optimizing app content for the right keywords are certainly potential ways to grab users’ attention and expand user-base of your app.

But if you are dreаming of viral success, you need to look beyond ASO strategies! You need to consider paid user acquisition strategies that can actually hook your target users with your app. As such there is no 100% proven formula for driving virality for your app. What may work for one app may not work for other app. Yet, there are several surefire tactics that all app creators and app marketers can adapt to win millions of downloads for the app and make it go viral.

Let’s plan a viral success

Remember, if you don’t PLAN to win virality right when the app development and design begins, you won’t.  For example, you can let your app users share their on-app activities, likes, wish lists, etc. with their social media friends. Or you can add a feature where your app users can invite their friends and family for a chat.

A large number of mobile games have already put this tactic into the game. They allow app users to invite their friends to the game play through their social login, and share their wins and rewards on social networking sites. There is another great way to drive virality for your app – Embrace virality into your app marketing strategy and build a mobile-friendly landing page for your app.

Why your app needs a landing page

Unfortunately, many app publishers are still not aware that mobile apps too can have landing pages for high conversion. Mobile apps are nothing but digital products, the more buzz and anticipation you can create, the more downloads you will get!! Many marketers have been using this human psychology to convert their leads into sales for years now.

After all, not all users search the app in the app store directly. There are some who enter the keywords in Google making it important for app owners to have a web presence. Creating a landing page for your app will first need you to build a website for your app. You can create a one page site or have as many pages as you wish to keep adding blogs, news, case studies, etc. in your app’s website.

Your app’s website can incorporate features, functioning, special offers, videos, images, promo codes, launch information and everything else about your app that you can convey to users. And most importantly, the site needs a landing page that can drive the visitors to the ‘app download’ or ‘app purchase’.

Create an engaging landing page that can raise excitement amidst users on what features your app has on offer and how it can benefit them. You can inspire them to sign up or leave their email address so you, app owner, can update them when the app is launched in the app store.

If you gather say 20,000 email contacts, notify each of them when the app is rolled out in the store and make them feel as if they are the first whom you have updated about them app release. The human psychology says we people like the tag of ‘First one to buy or download’! If word of mouth favors your app, you will see many more downloads in the initial weeks of the launch.

App virality factor

app virality


We have compiled some useful tips your landing page designer must follow to witness huge success. Just read on.

  • Write the Description RIGHT: This is a great opportunity to sell your app’s features. Tell the visitors what are the great features of your app. How it functions and what makes it stand out in the niche? Your app’s description should be short and clear in revealing to visitors what it has in store for them.
  • Give’em a sneak peek: An engaging video giving a virtual tour to your app’s screens and functioning can inspire them to tap on the download button. You can also put some of the finest screenshots of your app to set up anticipation. This also helps avoid negative review in the future and simplify the onboarding experience of the users.
  • Add a powerful CTA (Call to Action): Make sure the download button or app store links you place in the landing page are clearly visible. If your app is available on both in iTunes and Google Play Store, you can put two buttons with respective app store logo to direct visitors to the download page. Now here, don’t experiment with the standard logos of the app stores. You just need to put the same logos that mobile users are very much familiar with. Don’t overdo things!
  • Promote social sharing: Let visitors share your app page link on their social media pages. Give your app a unique social media personality. Share tweets and posts with a link to your landing page to drive traffic and boost downloads. The virality begins here.
  • Attest achievements: If your app story has been published in the newspaper or on some reputable sites like Mashable and TNW, don’t forget to attest the proof of it on your app’s landing page. If your app has received good influencer reviews, a special reward or any other achievement, don’t forget to show them to the visitors. You can also add a social media widget on the page that constantly shows latest tweets and posts your app users are sharing.

A web presence when built right can consistently and continuously send traffic to your app store page and increase downloads! Inspire virality and build expectations in users’ minds with a right landing page design.

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