Quaid Media on Burst TV User Acquisition and The Latest Trends in App Marketing

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Partner Post - Quaid Media - Drive user acquisition with Burst TV

Posted: February 11, 2015

Quaid Media gives app marketers the opportunity to reach new audiences beyond existing user-acquisition channels, such as TV and SMS. Josh Rinsky is VP Business Development at Quaid Media. Before Quaid, Josh worked as Director Sales at Adobe and Director Sales at Metacafe. He also served as Manager of Sales and Business Development – Digital Distribution at Warner Bros. Josh tells us more about Quaid Media’s Burst TV user acquisition model and his views on the current state of the world of app marketing in general. 
What is Quaid Media and how are you positioned in the market?
The essence of what we do at Quaid Media is to help companies get their apps to market using the reach and power of TV.   We introduce new and potentially different audiences than are possible through display advertising. This includes support for creating and building brands which is increasingly becoming important for app marketing and where TV is a fantastic medium. In terms of our position in the market – we see ourselves as experts in user acquisition. Our uniqueness is that we’ve got the experience and the partnerships already in place to lower the cost of entry to the point that TV is an option for medium-sized companies, and not just the big guys.
What types of clients do you work with?
In the thirteen years we’ve been in business we’ve worked with hundreds of different companies and mobile products. In the current market a lot of the interest is from F2P game publishers, who are spending aggressively on user acquisition as a means to grow their user base, and this is likely to be the core of our clients in the coming year.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
As you would expect, a lot of the interest from app companies is directed at the more mature markets (audiences) predominantly Europe and the US.   Then we’ve also created campaigns in growing markets like Brazil.   Our client base is global, but the key areas of operation currently are: US, CA, BR, UK, DE, NL, CH, FR, IT, and AU. That said, I think that there are two broad areas where we see growth. Firstly, app companies that want to increase the user base in their home or local markets, where their brand is already known. Secondly, companies that are pushing for audience growth in new markets, and need to create brand awareness through advertising.
What are your main tips for successful app marketing?
When it comes to TV, the creative needs to be really good as the expectations of someone watching TV are that much higher than for any other medium. And, the call-to-action has to be compelling and clear.  We have our own production and design team, so we do a lot of work both to come up with ideas, and turn them into great adverts. The great thing about TV is that you can play around with humour, surprise, and create a story behind the product – things that are almost impossible to do with static banner ads.
What do you think the big themes for mobile advertising are going to be in 2015?
I think the biggest issue for most app companies will continue to be user acquisition. Not only is display-based advertising getting more expensive as companies with deeper pockets continue to fuel a rise in CPI, but with so many apps now on the stores, discovery is becoming as big a challenge as acquisition. Our view is that TV is a way to address both of these problems.
What mobile devices do you use?
I think like most people who work in mobile, I seem to have an ever-growing collection of iPhones, tablets and Android phones. Right now I’m using an iPhone 6+.
What are your favourite apps?
I’m using apps all day long for communication. My guilty pleasure these days is Daddy Long Legs – it’s one of those classic ‘one more go’ games, in the mould of Flappy Birds or Crossy Road. When I get home from work and it is usually dark out, I look at SkyView with my daughter so we can really “see” the stars. It’s an amazing app
Are you going to buy an Apple Watch?
I think I’ll wait until they are actually out, and see what you can actually do with it; I’ve got a perfectly good watch and phone already! I think wearables is a really exciting area but like many new technologies, it feels like it’s waiting for a real killer application.
Thanks Josh for the interesting insights. Head over to the Quaid Media website for more.

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