Quaid Media shake up app marketing with Burst TV user acquisition

Andy Boxall | January 22, 2015

App Marketing

TV advertising specialists Quaid Media has launched Burst TV, an all-in-one service for developers to create and launch television advertising campaigns, designed to increase app installations. Usually considered a prohibitively expensive medium, Quaid Media says savings made by using its in-house campaign management and industry knowledge mean the cost of entry is now lower than ever.
A Burst TV campaign is designed to last between one and three days – which Quaid Media’s research indicates delivers the best results – and are tailored to reach an app’s ideal audience through timing, and by channel. These channels include SkyTV, MTV, ABC, More 4, ITV2, SyFy, and Adult Swim.
Josh Rinsky, VP for business development at Quaid Media, said:

“With the cost of mobile advertising rocketing as the developers with the deepest pockets bid against each other for installs, TV offers a really cost-effective medium that’s shown time and again how effective it is at reaching and engaging customers, and we expect to see many more developers turning to TV to expand their marketing campaigns.”

All aspects of the campaign can be handled in-house by Quaid Media, from media planning and buying, compliance and regulatory approval, to production of a new campaign for a single country or on a global scale. Burst Premium adds the option of including segments over the weekend or during holiday periods, which come at a higher cost.
Research carried out by Google and Neilson estimates 81% of television watchers use their smartphones at the same time, making Burst TV potentially a powerful tool for brand building.

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