Qredo new high security, cloud-based encryption platform will keep your apps safe

Andy Boxall | January 27, 2016

App Development

App security and communication platform Qredo has a new way to protect your app, plus the data it stores and transmits. The encryption platform is cloud-based and Qredo has opened up a beta program for its SDK, allowing developers to build in a high level of security at the start of an app build.

Describing it as a “quiet cloud,” Qredo’s platform operates using encryption keys that aren’t stored or known by the company, therefore unavailable should there be a server breach. Currently, the system protects data stored in bulk, and messages exchanged between two devices. More components are planned in the future. What’s more, the SDK is open source, so it can be freely examined.

Qredo provides a platform for securing apps, and has introduced an SDK for developers

Qredo screen

In an interview with V3, lead developer at Qredo, Justin Megawarne, said:

“If you want to embed end-to-end features in your app currently it’s quite difficult and there is no toolkit in particular to do it. The problem is compounded when you want to use cloud services. Our servers have no idea what your app is storing or how it is communicating. Only the devices know what’s going on. The cloud infrastructure in the middle that relays the message has absolutely no idea who is communicating or what they are talking about. Of all the security measures out there, cryptography is the champion. The net result is that if someone breaches our infrastructure they see nothing but encrypted data.”

The aim is to help developers speed up app builds without compromising on security. The platform is designed to be easy to use, and doesn’t require the user to be an expert in app security or cloud technology.

To apply for early access to the SDK, visit Qredo’s website here.

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