Purify Ad Blocker research finds that its app saves users over 50% in data costs

Anne Freier | December 15, 2015

Mobile Advertising


Purify Ad Blocker research has found that its users save over 50% on data costs by blocking ads. Purify took a closer look at two dozen popular websites to measure data costs. The results are in: users pay more for ads than they do for content, doubling the cost of web browsing.

Hidden ad costs while web browsing


Source: purify-app.com

According to the ad block maker’s team of engineers, the cost to download a typical web page averages $0.023 for content and $0.031 for ads at a total $0.054. Medium data plans in the US average $10 per GB. If the average mobile user visits sites every day for a month, the cost averages $11.16 for content and $19.44 for downloading ads, adding up to $233 per year.

That is where ad blockers come in, explains Chris Aljoudi, Lead developer at Purify. He says:

chris aljoudi

“Reports have shown that customers are paying dearly for these ads, as many websites devour data by pushing video and other invasive content within the ad. Purify Ad Blocker saves users money by automatically stopping these data-hungry ads from ever loading.”

The company has calculated that of the 300m iPhone users, a third of whom use 1GB data plans monthly, annual spending on ads would come to $23bn. Purify adds that its ad blocker not just eliminates the cost, but also loads pages 4x faster and reduces battery drainage. Aljoudi adds:

“It’s also interesting to note that advertisers who choose a ‘pay per click’ billing model pay nothing for the ad that wasn’t clicked. Yet people who just want to browse the web pay more for ads they never click than for the content they have actually selected to read.”

As ad blockers are gaining momentum, one alternative solution for marketers would be to cooperate with telecom providers to cover the cost of their ads to the user as part of data plans.

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