PubNative partners with Fraudlogix to combat mobile advertising fraud

Mobile monetisation platform PubNative has partnered up with Fraudlogix, the ad fraud solutions company, to help fight the growing issue of mobile advertising fraud. As mobile advertising continues to grow, fraudsters are developing ever more advanced technologies to steal ad dollars.
As part of the collaboration, Fraudlogix will provide PubNative programmatic exchange and ad platform with the means to block fraudulent bids from bots, malware, data centres or fraudulent devices.
The solution basically ensures that advertisers using PubNative can filter their traffic automatically. This ensures a more secure traffic for buyers.

“Mobile ad fraud is a growing problem and it’s important that platforms have systems in place to root it out,” explained Hagai Shechter, CEO of Fraudlogix. “PubNative is a great example of a platform that’s proactively working to address the fraud problem head-on before it reaches advertisers.”

Although PubNative had some anti-fraud already in place to eradicate invalid traffic, the platform benefits hugely from the advanced features.
Fraudlogix works by collecting pixel-based traffic data from millions of websites. Using machine learning, human behaviour is modelled and any anomalies are identified.
For example, large amounts of traffic coming from one IP address would present as an anomaly detected by Fraudlogix. Overall, the system tracks around 40 different anomaly types.

“As the ad spend on mobile overtakes desktop and more brand advertisers make the shift to mobile, it is imperative to push toward a more transparent and brand-safe ecosystem. At PubNative, we want to position ourselves as one of the safest and cleanest exchanges in the market. Continuing on our fight on ad fraud, we are happy to partner with Fraudlogix – the industry’s leading anti-fraud solution,” added Shreyansh Tewari, head of Business Intelligence and Yield at PubNative.

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