PubMatic unveils OpenBid for better access to programmatic demand

Anne Freier | February 25, 2019

Mobile Advertising

As consumers are upping their interactions with brands using their mobile devices, advertisers have turned to in-app ads to reach them. Automated buying through open exchanges and private marketplaces is at the forefront of this trend, with more than 90% of media buyers estimating that they will increase their programmatic direct in-app budgets.

However, programmatic can be difficult area to manage.

Now, PubMatic, the publisher-focused sell-side platform, has launched OpenBid, a programmatic-first solution that provides app publishers with access to programmatic demand and brand ad budgets.

“Waterfall-based monetization solutions that are still prevalent in-app have become almost obsolete across the web,” said Evan Simeone, SVP product management of PubMatic.

“OpenBid is a programmatic-first SDK that is optimised for improved user experience and offers increased competition for app inventory. Flattening the waterfall with header bidding and real-time pricing data helps publishers grow yield and revenue, above and beyond demand from current mediation partners. By providing the full benefits of programmatic, we can empower app developers with superior monetisation opportunities.”

OpenBid gives mobile app developers access to programmatic demand and brand spend from more than 200 DSPs, ATDs, agencies and Supply Path Optimization (SPO) and Preferred Partnerships deals.

In addition, it offers real-time pricing data from leading programmatic demand partners for header bidding, and provides analytics to add or remove demand sources and manage performance in a cloud-based environment.


Whilst managing multiple demand partners used to be a manual process, OpenBid makes it easier to access incremental demand via cloud-based partner management in PubMatic’s infrastructure.

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