PubMatic partnership lets buyers manage their ad tech fees

PubMatic, the publisher-focused ad tech platform, has just announced an agreement with digital ad expert Goodway Group to allow buyers to manage the supply of ad tech fees.

Through the partnership, the companies will be creating a 100% transparent, agency-controlled fee model that lets buyers improve efficiency of their programmatic supply and enhance sustainability of digital ad revenues to publishers.

“The current SSP fee model is broken. Despite the massive push for transparency in our industry over the last few years, SSP and exchange fees have continued to be hard to pin down and out of most buyers’ negotiation reach,” explained Jay Friedman, president of Goodway Group. “Goodway is proud to partner with PubMatic to gain full cost control through the entire programmatic value chain.”

Marketers have long sought enhanced transparency within the programmatic industry. Indeed, research by the World Federation of Advertisers found that 85% of advertisers prioritise a transparent relationship with their programmatic partners.

As such, Goodway provides a single fee for all media buys on the PubMatic platform. Traditionally, a fee in a bid request is shared.

“We are excited to work with Goodway Group to continue pushing the programmatic supply chain toward a more transparent future,” said Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO of PubMatic. “With more efficient and transparent economics, we are helping Goodway Group deliver better ROI to their clients and ultimately increasing yield and driving sustainable business growth for our premium publishers.”

PubMatic has been vocal about enhancing the transparency and efficiency of the supply chain, whilst Goodway Group advocates for more transparent pricing.

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