PubMatic expands header bidding solution for mobile apps

Mobile web publishers who opt for header bidding solutions see an average 50% boost in their eCPMs.
Now, PubMatic, the publisher and digital media software solutions firm, has expanded its header bidding solution for mobile app advertising. Since its launch in 2012, the header bidding technology has added mobile web tools and now offers mobile app solutions for app developers to make the right choices and ultimately maximise their revenue and in-app content consumption.
Evan Simeone, Senior Vice President of Product Management at PubMatic explains that the mobile app inventory has previously been left out of header bidding.

“By bringing this technology to mobile apps, we’re giving mobile app developers greater visibility into market price for their inventory, allowing them to determine its true value outside of the traditional waterfall.”

Mobile app inventory currently makes up 59% of premium over mobile web. Mobile apps meanwhile account for 86% of consumer time spent in mobile and the opportunity for mobile publishers is a significant one.
The new solution by PubMatic lets publishers choose between two options for a best fit strategy. They can opt for a lightweight, non-SDK version with simple, streamlined implementation. A PubMatic code will have to be added to the app’s ad serving SDK. Or they may opt for the full SDK version that also opens access to more data including device ID, location, mobile carrier, OS versions and other options.
PubMatic says that both options are fully supported by its technical team.
Simeone adds:

“Mobile app paid impression volume increased by 21 percent on our platform last quarter. When you consider that mobile monetized header bidding impressions also grew nearly 50X year-over-year, it’s clear that the introduction of header bidding to the mobile app ecosystem will provide publishers with even greater opportunities to monetize their already valuable mobile app inventory.”

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