Publishers see rise in mobile ad revenue using Facebook Instant Articles

Anne Freier | February 12, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Publishers are finding it easier to generate significant mobile revenue using Facebook Instant Articles. That’s according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, which finds that despite previous frustration among publishers about Facebook’s restrictions for Instant Articles, many of them have noted a rise in ad revenue that rivals page views across their own mobile sites.
Facebook Instant Articles
Facebook Instant Articles lets publishers manage their content directly on the social media network, instead of posting embedded links. Previously, the company had strict rules on volume and ad formats, but has since relaxed them to entice more publishers to give Instant Articles a go.
Joe Speiser, Co-founder,, which utilises Instant Articles to publish stories and videos, says:
Screen shot 2016-02-12 at 10.02.58 AM

“A lot has changed,. The biggest stumbling block with Instant Articles was that we were making less there than with visits to our own site. We are now seeing parity with our mobile Web version.”

Publishers agree that the increase in numbers of ads per article has had the most significant effect on their posts. Because they are able to monetise their content at an equivalent rate to their own mobile web traffic, there’s no downside for publishers.
Those who opt-in for self-serving their ads, keep 100% of their revenue, whilst those getting Facebook to sell ads on their behalf take a 70% cut. Facebook Audience Network is fast proving a lucrative way for publishers to generate ad revenue, despite Facebook taking the 30% commission.
In addition, some feedback has suggested that Instant Articles has been beneficial in helping publishers to monetise their mobile audiences more successfully.
It remains to be seen if publishers are willing to hand over that much control to Facebook, but the positive early feedback has been a good start.
A Facebook spokeswoman adds:

“Direct feedback from our partners has been crucial to developing Instant Articles. We’re working with publishers to make advertising within Instant Articles simple and valuable, and we’re excited to hear that the latest round of updates has been helpful.”

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