Publishers favour ad networks which provide a good payment process

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 26, 2016

Payments automation platform provider, Tipalti, has released new research highlighting that publishers are more loyal to ad networks which offer a good payment experience.
Tipalti provides a streamlined payment process
The “Ad Networks Publisher Payment Satisfaction Survey” surveyed 250 publishers and site owners globally on the state of ad network payments. Almost half of publishers (48%) said they have previously dropped an ad network due to problems with their payments. The other 46% who haven’t yet dropped their networks would be willing to leave it if issues arose.
Being paid on time and accurately is the core issue most publishers experience. Late payments were the top problem over the last 12 months, according to 52% of respondents.
In addition, the survey found that publishers value good communication including updates on their payment status. 76% believe it to be “very important” that when a payment status changes they get notified by email. Another 20% agreed that it was “important”.
If payment issues did occur, 83% of publishers said it was very important to be notified to help them resolve any problems.
However, US-based publishers differ slightly from those in other countries. Whilst US affiliates prefer payments through platforms such as PayPal and ACH, global publishers favour local bank transfers, wire transfers, PayPal and prepaid debit payments. Almost all publishers (93.5%) want to receive payments in their local currency.
Tax ID information is generally collected by networks for US publishers. However, that doesn’t necessarily apply to those outside of the US. Overall, 68% of publisher tax information is collected manually and securely.
Chen Amit, CEO and Co-founder of Tipalti, adds:

“Ad networks need to consider the importance of their payment experience, ensuring that timely, accurate payments are made and that payment status is clearly communicated. In the highly competitive digital media landscape, the research highlights that their payment experience can make the difference in attracting and retaining the best publishers. Employing operational best-payment practices, such as improving publisher on-boarding, offering publishers a secure portal to check their payment status 24/7, immediately notifying publishers about payment progress or issues, and providing a range of payment methods and currency choices, will ultimately lead to better publisher quality and, as a result, a better ad network.”