Publicitas launches 360 View and 360 Video advertising for mobile

Publicitas, the media and ad services company, has just rolled out 360 View and 360 Video advertising formats for Publicitas Mobile.
Publicitas launches 360 Video for mobile
360 Video is a rich media format which lets consumers view a place in 360 degrees.
Publicitas says that the format is more immersive than traditional mobile video ads and hence leads to higher levels of consumer engagement, ad visibility and user responsiveness.
The company adds detailed campaign reporting and a fully managed service to this interactive format.
Both formats measure user engagement, brand time (in screen time), unique impressions, viewable impressions (in screen), engagement time (dwell time), CTR (Click Through Rate), and impressions. It measures 360 video formats by either quartile, Click-to-Start video and View-Through rate.
Publicitas 360 View and 360 Video include measurable add-ons including Click-to-call, collection of email addresses and phone numbers but also re-engagement through coupons and directions to stores and restaurants. The engagement is initiated by the consumers and ads are played on the original site.
Publicitas 360 Video Ads


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