SDA Media launches Proprietary App Growth program

Partner Post - SDA Media Your reliable growth partner

Posted: November 30, 2020

Have you ever been guaranteed a CPI but it only generated low quality users? Unfortunately, this happens a lot in the app marketing industry. Brands spend tons of money hoping for results, yet there is no guarantee. Oftentimes agencies walk off with a hefty retainer they hardly earned. 

SDA Media is different and has created something that produces win/win partnerships with app clients while adding significant scale and value. 

SDA Media is a performance marketing company built for today. SDA Media runs quality user acquisition campaigns through its proprietary software paired with a unique content style. All campaigns run by SDA Media are focused on the end goal of the client – whether that is quality new users, registrations, or something different. SDA Media optimizes each campaign based on the clients unique needs. 

SDA Media’s proprietary app growth program has been highly successful in partnering with some of the world’s leading mobile app brands to drive quality app users in the millions.

  • Provide your target app growth goals (cost per install, registration, etc) and quality user benchmarks. We’ll set up a quick call to discuss this.
  • Integrate SDA Media into your verified MMP for real-time tracking. SDA Media integrates with Appsflyer, Adjust, and Branch.
  • SDA Media uses talented actors from its in-house Creator Academy to create high-quality content that converts. Clients get full approval of actors along with the content they create.
  • SDA Media reports its test findings to determine if this relationship will be a win/win for both parties and find a scalable performance structure.

*No annual contracts, just quality results.

SDA Media is adding select clients to its proprietary app growth program each week. Through the team’s experience in growing a massive network of more than 750M followers, SDA Media has found the perfect way to leverage technology and unique content creation to drive quality app installs at zero risk. SDA Media is scaling apps with its new app growth program, gaining quality results in the millions for its clients – always focused on quality new users and creating partnerships that are a win/win for everyone. 

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