PropellerAds announces Auto Creatives: One-button jumpstart with push ads

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Posted: June 10, 2024

Tired of spending hours creating and testing push ad creatives? Well, you’re about to feel very energized again!

Say goodbye to tiring asset creation and long testing with PropellerAds‘ new feature—Auto Creatives.

The machine-learning tool automatically provides high-performing ad creatives, saving you time and helping you run push and in-page push ads effectively. With Auto Creatives, you can quickly add and test effective ad creatives, meaning that you can skip the tedious prep work and focus on running and scaling your campaigns.

Push Auto Creatives saves you time on creative production

Instead of spending time designing push creatives and tailoring them for different audiences, Auto Creatives will do it for you in a couple of seconds.

Here’s how Auto Creatives can make a difference for you:

  • Start using push notifications, no experience necessary: No experience with tailoring push creatives? Auto Creatives simplifies the process, so you can dive right in without the learning curve.
  • Save time on sourcing images: Finding copyright-free, relevant images can be time-consuming. Auto Creatives generates them for you, freeing up your time for other tasks.
  • Test new offers, faster: Want to quickly test new offers and optimize your campaigns? Auto Creatives provides ready-to-go, effective creatives, making A/B testing swift and efficient.
  • Expand opportunities, grow CTR and CR: Looking to expand your current campaigns with new creatives? Auto Creatives allows you to integrate auto-generated creatives into your successful campaigns, potentially boosting your CTR and CR.

How Auto Creatives work

Curious about how Auto Creatives will automate your ad creation process?

Here’s everything you need to know about our new feature:

It’s available across verticals

Auto Creatives works across all verticals, including social, utilities, finance, iGaming, and more. So, no matter your niche, Auto Creatives can automate your creative process.

Easy to set up

Auto Creatives can be used with push and in-page push ad formats—and setting it up is simple and quick.

Just log into your PropellerAds account, create a push or in-page push campaign, and activate the Auto Creatives toggle. That’s it!

Push notifications creatives

Source: PropellerAds

It’s got automatic creative generation

Auto Creatives uses smart algorithms to generate tailored ad creatives in just a few minutes. This means you can skip the tedious task of designing and tailoring creatives for different audiences. Instead, Auto Creatives does it all for you, ensuring your ads are ready to go without the usual hassle.

Enjoy plenty of customization options

You can still add your own touch! If you want to include your own creatives, you can mix them with the auto-generated ones. For example, if you add 4 of your own creatives, the system will automatically include another 4, giving you a total of 8 creatives per campaign.


Can I see the automatically added creatives?

Yes, you can view the auto-generated creatives in your campaign settings from your PropellerAds account before launching your campaign. If you want to review the creatives before the campaign starts, simply uncheck the “Automatically start campaign after moderation” option.

Automatically start campaign after moderation

Source: PropellerAds

Can I edit the automatically added creatives?

While the automatically added creatives are not editable, you can use them as inspiration or copy the best-performing ones to other campaigns. You also have the option to turn active creatives on or off whenever you want.

Where can I see and analyze the performance of my generated creatives?

Once your campaign is launched, you can analyze the performance of your creatives in the Statistics section. This allows you to see what works best for your campaign and make data-driven decisions.

Can I use particular generated creatives for other campaigns?

Absolutely! You can copy the most converting creatives’ IDs for similar campaigns or download them to create even more attractive ads.

Do more and earn more in less time with Auto Creatives

Ready to transform your ad campaigns in a matter of one click?

Auto Creatives automates the entire creative production process, so you can benefit from numerous high-performing ones with no effort. This means that the days of manual preparations are over! Let Auto Creatives automate the process so you can focus on inventing new strategies and growing your profits!

Try and bring your creatives to a new level!

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