Programmatic video expansion – Smaato adds Outstream and Rewarded video features

Anne Freier | November 21, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Mobile video advertising has fast become one of the top ad segments today. Now, real-time ad platform for mobile publishers and app developers, Smaato, has expanded its support for video advertising formats with Outstream and Rewarded video. The additions bolster the company’s portfolio ensuring that it delivers an integrated, one-stop shop for programmatic video ad solutions that enable mobile publishers and advertisers to push engagement and revenue through better video inventory.
Smaato RTB exchange
Around 90,000 of its mobile publishers and developers as well as 450 demand partners can now access the mobile video formats including Outstream – a video ad that plays in non-video content (i.e. in between text), Rewarded – an opt-in video ad that offer rewards to users in exchange for viewing an ad, Instream, which plays within video content as well as MRAID video – in-app rich media display ads that include video.
In addition, the company will serve Outstream and Rewarded video ads through the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX). Publishers can benefit from the format because it doesn’t require a built-in video player and can be placed in non-video content. They’re also liked by consumers because they start playing automatically without sound. That also makes them easier to guarantee viewability according to industry standards.
On the other hand, Rewarded video ads benefit consumers by providing something in exchange, and on the advertiser side they have been found to generate higher video completion rates.
Ragnar Kruse, CEO and Co-founder of Smaato, adds:
ragnar kruse

“We are moving quickly toward a world where content is ‘watched’ more often than it is ‘read.’ Outstream and Rewarded video are two important ways we continue to invest in areas with the biggest revenue potential for both the supply and demand side of our global advertising marketplace.”

The new formats are now available via

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