Programmatic to account for 86.3% of all US digital ad expenditure in 2020

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 15, 2018

Programmatic display ad spend will account for 86.3% of all US digital ad expenditure in 2020, according to a new report from eMarketer. Automated buying and selling of inventory is set to reach $48 billion in expenditure in 2018 and $69 billion in 2020.

The latest forecast highlights just how normal programmatic has become among digital advertisers. Indeed, more than four in five digital display ads are being placed through programmatic transactions.

The US Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast Update: Video Powers Significant Growth Through 2020 report also noted that 84.1% of total mobile ad dollars are now placed in an automated way. Of the total programmatic transaction, 58% are placed directly, 19% via private marketplaces and 23% in open marketplaces.

Ad giants such as Facebook and Google are leading this trend as they are both focused on mobile and programmatic.

Furthermore, the report predicts that 83.6% of digital video ad dollars in the US ($33.55 billion) will move through programmatic channels. This includes in-player, out-stream, native and social in-feed video formats.