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Posted: April 18, 2017

Recently lots of companies shifted their attention from the classical PPC and PPM (stands for Pay Per Click and Pay Per Mille) advertising models to a completely different one that implies advertisers to pay only for a real consumer interaction with their apps : PPI (stands for Pay Per Install).
Installs are quickly becoming the ultimate mobile currency and with apps becoming an integral strategy for most of the world’s largest brands, this trend will only increase.
Let’s explain in more detail what this is all about.

What is PPI?

PPI – Pay per Install – is an advertising model through which advertisers pay only for real results and user engagement.

When an install can be considered valid?

Generally, to consider an app correctly installed, users must click on the advertising, download the app and open it at least one time. Only in that moment, the advertiser pays the publisher. The platforms on the market are not all equal, so it may happen that this rule changes. So better check if this model definition is valid with every new ad network you want to work with.

How can advertisers get the most out of their advertising campaigns?

Advertisers always need to keep in mind that they are trying to convert advertising to install through a real interaction made by real users.
So, they must target their audience creating specific advertising campaigns deciding on:

  • An app category : Games, Utilities, Beauty, Dating and so on.
  • A user: who will be interested in using the app? Choose the best slogan and compelling images to catch their attention.
  • Country : never underestimate the importance of users’ localization. People in different countries have different habits and taboos based on religion, politics and tradition, make sure you respect their values.

Finally, be creative and have fun with your ad campaigns – try different advertising strategies, play with different text and graphic creatives and find the best solution to engage the audience.
Black6adv, in collaboration with Superippo performance network, offers the opportunity to work with a self-service platform, allowing users to create their advertising campaigns and get real conversions inside its reliable network of direct publishers.
Do you want to know more? Contact us at info@black6adv.com

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