Sophisticated PPC click fraud protection tool coming soon

Partner Post - TrafficGuard Digital ad fraud protection for brands, networks and agencies

Posted: May 27, 2019

This article was first published on TrafficGuard blog.

To continue our mission to drive trust and transparency in the entire digital advertising ecosystem, we are excited to announce that in the coming weeks, TrafficGuard’s formidable fraud prevention will also cover Google Ads PPC campaigns!

Since launching TrafficGuard, we have been talking to a lot of businesses about their challenges with ad fraud ranging from wasted media budgets to poor performance and slow optimization.

Something we have been hearing a lot is that our clients want the same sophisticated fraud prevention TrafficGuard is providing on their performance campaigns, across their PPC campaigns too.

When it comes to advertising with non-premium sources like ad networks, TrafficGuard’s proactive fraud prevention has enabled businesses to scale their advertising confidently knowing they are protected from fraud. But for many businesses premium traffic sources like Google Ads make up a substantial portion of advertising budgets.

Competitors clicking on your PPC ads, bot traffic and click farms are just some of the ways that fraud impacts Google Ads campaigns.

PPC fraud prevention will be available as both a standalone solution and in combination with TrafficGuard’s performance ad fraud prevention.

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