Pollen on App Economics at APS2014

Pollen‘s CEO, Martin Macmillan, spoke at the App Promotion Summit in London this year on app economics, where he presented new strategies for efficient user acquisition to app marketers. Pollen was founded in March 2014 and has its headquarters based in London. The company offers app developers access to revenues they have already earned from the app stores, which can then be channelled back into user acquisition or product development.
Pollen’s Martin Macmillan talks user acquisition economics

Martin started by talking about maintaining the right balance between user acquisition and monetisation, saying that it was common for publishers to focus on one of these more than the other. He then moved on to speak about funding app marketing and highlighted how there is a gap between the launch of an app and the payment from the app store for in-app purchases and so on. This means that app developers have to wait for the earnings they generate which creates cash-flow issues. Pollen solve this problem by offering a factoring service which pays developers every 7 days on the basis of their proven App Store earnings, with the additional option of redirecting their money into ad networks on a daily basis. The presentation finished with Martin discussing the importance of testing and seeing what works before app marketers become significantly involved with a single user acquisition strategy.
Pollen’s App Acquisition Economics Presentation

You can check out Pollen’s presentation and slides below:

The Twitter Reaction
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Thanks to Martin and Pollen for giving such an interesting talk. You can find more coverage of App Promotion Summit London 2014 here and we’ll be releasing the video and audio recordings of the event soon.

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