Pokemon Go breaks daily active user record for mobile games in the U.S.

Andy Boxall | July 14, 2016

App Business

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Pokemon Go, the mobile game attracting many headlines since its release, has proved to be a massive hit with players. In the U.S., the game is now the biggest mobile title ever, in terms of peak daily active users.

Pokemon Go has the most daily active users in U.S. mobile gaming

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This is according to SurveyMonkey, where Pokemon Go’s daily user base is shown at 21 million, overtaking Candy Crush — which peaked at 20 million — Draw Something, and Clash Royale.

If Pokemon Go continues to rise in popularity, then it’s apparently on target to overtake Snapchat on Android very soon. The messaging app has a steady daily user count of just over 14 million, while Pokemon Go is closing in on 12 million, and still rising.

Pokemon Go could pass Snapchat

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While early signs for the Nintendo and Niantic mobile game are good, it’s impossible to say the game will continue its success. The enormous hype surrounding it is helping growth, but once interest wanes, the game may have an equally sharp player drop off.

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