Podium launches new mobile Webchat that lets businesses text with consumers

Podium, the customer communication platform for local businesses, launched its Podium Webchat which lets businesses communicate with consumers via text messages. The feature may be particularly suitable for users who do not have round the clock Internet network coverage as it takes the conversation offline.
With Podium Webchat, businesses can allow customers to text them directly from a website.
Whilst live chats and other online messaging tools already exist, Podium says that its Webchat is specifically designed for local businesses.

“By introducing this new feature to our platform we are offering local businesses the opportunity to interact with customers in a way that fosters stronger relationships across the board,” said Eric Rea, co-founder and CEO at Podium.
“We’ve found that many consumers prefer having the option to communicate with businesses via text. With Webchat, businesses can talk with their customers in a way that’s more convenient for both parties, which drives brand affinity and loyalty,” he added.

In addition, the platform ensures that companies won’t have to hire huge customer service teams to respond to user queries. At the same time, the conversations are still real and with an actual person compared to many chat bots.
Podium Webchat does integrate not only text messaging but also Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messaging. That means, all communications are in a single place – the Podium Inbox.
During beta testing, the Webchat saw inbound customer communication increase 10x.

“Podium, especially Webchat, has foundationally changed the way we communicate with our customers,” said Cedric Volk, General Manager of On Call Event Rentals. “As a local business, it has been difficult to find an online interaction tool that was built specifically for our needs. Podium’s Webchat has enabled us to convert on interactions that were impossible for us to capture previously and has created an entirely new channel to create business.”

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