PocketMath and XpressBuy join forces to make it quicker and easier to buy from ads

Self-serve mobile ad platform PocketMath has teamed up with ad-commerce platform XpressBuy, to make it quicker and easier for users to buy products and services directly from an ad. The partnership is the first of its kind for the two companies.
Casey Grooms, a co-founder at PocketMath, said:

“The fact that XpressBuy lets consumers purchase directly from a mobile ad – without being redirected to the merchant’s website – will cause a definitive spike in ROI for PocketMath customers. Furthermore, the deal gives PocketMath a distinct competitive advantage when customers need to see a clearer line between ads and conversions.”

Murali Subbarao, CEO and founder at XpressBuy, added:

“XpressBuy is especially effective with mobile ads because it supports a transactional pace more in line with the speed at which consumers commonly perform tasks on their smartphones. Now the world’s most popular brands and retailers can connect with buyers in moments when they’re most likely to purchase and with the technology to convert them on the spot.”

The partnership means advertisers using PocketMath’s real-time bidding platform to buy ads, will be able to monetize them using XpressBuy’s technology, which it states has a conversion rate of six times that of traditional mobile ads.
You can learn more about PocketMath by visiting its company profile here.

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