Playable ad network mNectar signs with four new mobile ad platforms, opening up to 7000 new advertisers

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Playable ad network mNectar has announced its technology has now been integrated with four new mobile advertising platforms, making it available to more than 7000 new advertisers. The four platforms are Twitter’s MoPub, Opera Mediaworks’ AdMarvel, Fuse Powered’s AdRally, and Sprint’s Pinsight Media+.
mNectar’s playable ad tech turns banner ads into playable game demos, allowing users to try out a mobile app before downloading it. The company says it’s the only playable ad network to support server-to-server integration, which saves developers time and money, and because there’s no SDK needed it’s easy for publishers to integrate it into their app.
Daniel Cheng, mNectar’s CRO and co-founder said:

“mNectar was designed from the ground up to not require an SDK, our whole system was built around that from the very beginning based on direct feedback from our clients. We know that an SDK is an obstacle to integrate with any ad network, and we wanted to remove that hassle for app developers.”

In an interview with VentureBeat, CEO and co-founder Wally Nguyen described the current state of mobile advertising as “a billboard”, which users drive by without engaging. He says mNectar’s playable ads have four times the user retention as other mobile ads, including interstitials. He estimates the retention rates are twice as good as mobile video ads.
mNectar’s product works with both Android and iOS, doesn’t require any downloads to be made to the user’s device, and Nguyen says there’s minimal latency thanks to using its own proprietary distribution network.
The company counts Audible, Beats Music, CBS, ZeptoLab, OpenTable, and Gameloft amongst its clients.

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