Pixels rolls out mobile native advertising solution

Hong-Kong based multi-screen advertising firm, Pixels, has officially launched its first mobile native ad solution dubbed MONA that lets advertisers tap a pool of mobile Internet-savvy consumers by blending brand campaigns with publisher content.
Pixels launches MONA
Source: pixels.asia
Pixels data suggests that 65% of its users across its ad marketplace access content via mobile devices. Access to information via mobile devices has advanced quite rapidly over the last 12 months and stood at 45% just last year.
Indeed, Hong Kong has some of the highest mobile penetration rates with over 228% mobile subscribers and 88% smartphone penetration using 3G/4G connections.
Digital ads are now expected to surpass TV ad spend by 2020 and the digital advertising market is likely to reach $1.07bn in expenditure by 2020.
MONA, which stands for MObile NAtive, provides mobile ads across the Pixels Mobile Ad Marketplace. Ad formats auto-align to the content they are placed in so as to nurture a less disruptive environment for the end user.
The new feature has a reach of 99.8% according to Pixels and covers 4.7m unique visitors a month.
Ads can be placed on a Run of Marketplace basis to cover all 130 mobile partners or they can be more targeted across nine content and demographic channels including Parenting, Travel, News, Finance, Entertainment, Woman and more.
Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels, explains:
kevin huang

“As mobile becomes entrenched in our daily lives, advertisers are looking for increasingly effective and better mouse traps when advertising on a screen no larger than 5 inches. MONA is a natural extension to our existing, highly successful display rich media suite. MONA is non-intrusive, targeted and relevant to consumers in the context of the content and on a screen where users spend as much as 65% of their media consumption time.”

Having run a series of test campaigns, MONA has proven some good results as it demands higher user attention than standard display ads.
Huang adds that the company is busy adding a range of partners to its network in order to enable greater targeting options and cross-device features.
The first marketers to test MONA include HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Prime Credit and the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA).

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