Pinterest tops Kochava’s latest Traffic Index

Anne Freier

In . October 29, 2018

Pinterest has ranked at the top among 20 media partners profiled in Kochava’s latest Traffic Index. The report provides a data-driven ranking of media partners, which the mobile attribution company says marketers can use to gain insights into which partners perform highest for certain metrics including signal quality, anti-fraud, user retention and clicks to install correlation.

“Because of our leadership in attribution and analytics, we are uniquely positioned to benchmark the quality of signal needed for actionable insights. While the digital advertising industry has grown significantly over the past five years, the transparency of the industry has decreased. Our strength in understanding signal and the correlation of signal to marketing outcomes has driven the creation of the Kochava Traffic Index,” said Kochava CEO, Charles Manning. “By releasing this report, we can provide all marketers with insights into inventory  performance to help inform their choice of media partners.”

Among the detailed metrics, signal clarity determines data stream integrity, reliability and breadth of data coming from a media partner. Here, Vungle ranked highest, followed by Pinterest.

When it comes to fraud, Kochava found that marketers working with partners to address fraud were able to save 8-15% of ad spend. Pinsight Media and Pandora ranked highest for anti-fraud measures.

“People come to Pinterest to explore their individual tastes and preferences and as a result businesses can get relevant and personalised ideas in front of the right people at the right time. Our number one position on the Kochava Traffic Index highlights our ability to deliver quality consumer engagement and scale to businesses,” said Michael Akkerman, Head of Pinterest Marketing Partners.

Other quality metrics in the report included traffic quality to measure long-term user retention, correlation between number of clicks and installs, and attribution metrics that accurately match in-app events to the right channels.