Pinterest rolls out Search Ads for all businesses

Pinterest has officially opened up its search ads to all businesses. The format can now be found in its Ads Manager.
Search Ads make it easier for businesses to target consumers who are looking for specific products on Pinterest. Indeed, exact phrases and keywords can be matched to reach an intended use, but irrelevant words may also be excluded to narrow down search results.
According to a blog post, more than 2 billion searches happen on Pinterest every month and 97% of these searches are unbranded. That makes it “an effective place to reach people while they’re still considering their next buying decision.” Pinterest is a visual blog, which means that it’s easy for people to find ideas and get inspired.
Additionally, Pinterest is also testing an auto-targeting feature using its Taste Graph, which auto-targets people who are searching for relevant ideas through the Taste Graphs insights into users.
Pinterest also recently showcased its first 360 degree interactive campaign with Home Depot and virtual reality ad platform OmniVirt. Delivered through promoted pins, the content showcases a redesign of a bathroom and living room.
Brad Phaisan, CEO of OmniVirt, explains:

“Compared with linear 360° video, interactive 360° content creates an opportunity for consumers to actively engage and choose their own adventure. We are seeing our customers looking to supplement their 360° video and photos with interactive and engaging experiences that allow them to dive deeper into the experience.”

OmniVirt has previously launched 360° video campaigns for large brands such as Clorox and Bloomin Brands.

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