Pinterest opens up a new channel for app-installs as it introduces App Pins for iOS

Andy Boxall | February 16, 2015

App Marketing

Pinterest, the social scrapbooking website, is about to become more than just a place to put pictures of clothes, links to recipes, or inspirational images. It’s introducing App Pins, which will enable users to pin a link to an app on their board, along with an option to install it directly on to their smartphone. Pinterest has partnered with Apple on App Pins, and it’s currently exclusive to iOS compatible apps.
Pinterest App Pin App Instal Example
pinterest app pins instal ads
Apple’s iTunes App Store contains more than 1.4 million mobile apps, and app discovery is a considerable problem. A recent survey carried out by Adjust said 84% of that number were considered “zombies,” and were essentially invisible to anyone browsing the store. Apple has its own featured apps section, but those apps shown there represent only a tiny percentage of those available.
Pinterest is hugely popular with mobile users, and claims at least 75% of those using the site do so with a mobile device. This makes them more likely to be interested in new apps, and also directly able to download one from an App Pin.
Evan Sharp, one of Pinterest’s founders, said in an interview:

“We can be a really powerful service for app discovery, which is a problem that still hasn’t really been solved. Our speciality is really connecting people to the things they want to do.”

It believes it’s better suited for app promotion than Twitter or Facebook, both of which also push apps on their subscribers. The reason, according to site, is people browse Pinterest looking for new things, and are ready to buy, rather than catching up with friends or reading the news.
To get an idea of how App Pins work, take a look at Pinterest’s Staff Picks board, or the dedicated App Store profile, where Apple-selected apps have been pinned.

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