Pinterest adds retargeting options for mobile ad IDs and CRM sites

Pinterest has finally added the possibility to target ads on the site using CRM or mobile ad IDs. Advertisers are now able to target people who have previously visited a brand’s website or used its mobile app and shared an email address.
Clients who use the Pinterest Ads Manager will be able to target existing customers using emails or mobile ad IDs, site visitors and people who share similar interests to their target audience.
Pinterest adds re-targeting features
In addition, brands can tap into data from Epsilon and LiveRamp to target their audience.
Pinterest claims that brands who have worked with these targeting options have increased visitor retargeting click-through rates by three times and lookalike targeting even resulted in rates of 63%, boosting reach up to 30x.
This may not be a groundbreaking update to Pinterest’s advertising option, given that competitors such as Instagram already offer such options. Nevertheless, it’s a step forward.
Frank Fumarola, Product Manager, Pinterest, says:
frank fumarola

“We’re going to support all of the ones that you’ve grown used to, tracking things like sign-ups and page visits and checkouts and things like that. I don’t think that’s going to be really that new. But I think when you get into our platform and you can use that audience, the ways in which you can use that audience will be new.”

Pinterest does have one advantage over other social media and imaging sites: its users come to Pinterest with a shopping mindset. According to Mary Meeker’s latest report, 55% of US consumers head to Pinterest to shop and find products compared to just 12% on Facebook and Instagram. This makes retargeting a powerful option for advertisers. If someone is browsing a product on Pinterest, a linked advert and the option to purchase that product may show some good results.

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