piJnz – mobile CMS and site builder review

Melissa Wong | October 17, 2012


Provided by the piJnz Group, the piJnz mobile site builder and content management system is a unique, cloud-based solution aimed at mobile marketers, mobile developers and agencies who are looking for a quick and easy way to develop mobile content. A true mobile-specific content management system, piJnz offers users a simple way to create media-rich websites and landing pages and also provides the tools needed to track and manage site data and statistics.   This is a quick review of the key features of the platform.
The piJnz (pronounced ‘pigeons’!) Group was founded by CEO Elena English and its HQ is based in Dallas, Texas. A mobile customer engagement company, the piJnz Group mission is to “help your clients and fans to keep coming back even when they are on the go.”
A mobile-friendly solution
The piJnz site builder and CMS solution has been designed with a mobile audience in mind, as well as the users of the platform, and this is really evident in its simplicity and versatility. It literally takes minutes to create and publish a mobile-friendly website or landing page (what the Group neatly refers to as ‘mobile touch points’) that is rich in content and media and shareable via the usual social media suspects.
Create rich and interactive sites, landing pages and apps code-free
One of the major talking points about the piJnz mobile site builder is that it is the first cloud-based content management system to offer code-free building and development. Users can create rich, engaging and totally unique mobile content without the need for complex programming or coding thanks to the simple drag and drop interface.

Full design control with no templates
piJnz offers users full control over the design of their websites, landing pages and apps enabling total customisation. Not locking users into templates means that piJnz is suitable for creating sites and pages that can be seamlessly integrated with an established brand or company identity.

The easiest way to bring people back
A really neat feature of piJnz that is also focused on engaging customers is its ability to generate and track QR (Quick Response) codes, which can then be downloaded or printed onto any print media. When scanned by their devices the code will send a viewer straight to a landing page, making it a useful tool for specific promotions or, as the company says, to “bring people back.”

Other key features

  • Track websites and measure results with reports and statistics on interactions and conversions
  • Downloadable piJnz creation options for self-hosting and advanced programming
  • Capture mobile leads and download directly into Excel format
  • M-commerce capabilities
  • Fully customizable mobile forms
  • Branding free pages for all paid accounts

In terms of pricing, piJnz offers a free version for use on a single site and a range of paid plans for mobile developers, businesses and agencies. Their basic pricing plan, ‘Kickstart,’ offers 3 mobile sites/domains, unlimited page numbers, customised .m or mobi URLs and many other features and benefits for $15 USD per month. White Label and Reseller options are considerably more pricy and are likely to only provide larger agencies and developers with a decent ROI, but the additional features and benefits of the plans do make them a worthwhile investment for those who can afford them. Additional sites/domains can also be purchased under the paid pricing plans for £5 USD per site/per month.
Who it’s for
Basically aimed at anyone who has a basic grasp of design and is looking for an easy way to create mobile websites, landing pages and apps, the piJnz site building solution can be utilised by a wide range of users. Small businesses who are looking to engage a mobile audience will find the free version particularly useful, and developers and mobile marketers/agencies who are looking for an easy way to build and manage multiple websites on behalf of their clients are likely to really appreciate the simplicity and value for money offered by the paid versions.
Since it’s so versatile, piJnz can be used by developers and mobile agencies to create all sorts of mobile content for all sorts of clients, including:
Lead Generation forms – useful for all businesses, organisations, communities etc!

Mobile Coupons and combined QR code – great for specific promotional campaigns and clients in the service industry

‘App Style’ interfaces – useful for any client who wants an easy way to share details and inform their audience

Visual galleries – for showing off visual content on the go

Collapsible website design – for any client with lots of content to share on a mobile-friendly site

Mobile payment pages (M-commerce) – enables clients to take full advantage of the high conversion rates offered by mobile engagement

The piJnz platform is compatible with web-based, Android and iPad/iPhone devices, and external services such as Mailchimp, ExactTarget and Zoho CRM can be easily integrated.
The buzz around piJnz
The piJnz mobile site building solution is already proving popular with mobile marketers and business users. Extensively reviewed on GetApp.com this mobile site building solution has received high marks for being “an industry leader”, “straight forward and easy to use…also one of the most powerful systems we have seen” and for providing “cost effective mobile landing pages and mobile page management”.
No mobile publishing platform or CMS is infallible, and there have been some reports of piJnz mobile sites scoring low on the W3C mobile validity checker. Other than that however the feedback about piJnz has been rather positive.
Other piJnz Group services
piJnz also offers a Mobile Directory as part of its white-label solutions to marketers, agencies and businesses who want to create and manage mobile business listings. This mobile directory can be used to develop a trusted source of online deals and local information, essentially providing a local and specific alternative to major search engines and online directories. The mobile directory is another example of piJnz customer-focused mobile publishing solutions, directory ‘owners’ can generate deals, redeemable coupons and their own search tags to create mobile content that is valuable and relevant.
Featuring the full mobile CMS offered by the site building solution, the piJnz mobile directory is just as quick and easy to use. The option to add advanced banner advertising makes it a realistic business model for companies, publications and local communities who are looking to connect local visitors with local businesses. Cloud-hosted, the Mobile Directory service starts from around $89 USD per month and new customers are eligible for a 3-day free trial. Here’s a quick video to explain more:

Recognising that mobile marketers and developers do have different levels of experience, piJnz also provides plenty of useful business and marketing resources via its website. There’s a great free knowledge base available filled with articles and how to videos, covering everything from getting started with piJnz to promotional hints and tips. The piJnz Blog has pretty much everything a mobile website developer needs to know, and is a useful way to stay up to date with mobile marketing as well as piJnz services.
A really useful resource available on the piJnz site that is aimed at mobile marketers, agencies and web developers who are just starting out is the free piJnz Guide to Offering Mobile Websites. It’s easily downloadable in PDF format, and it provides a genuinely helpful and realistic guide to getting started with providing mobile services to clients and how to overcome those inevitable problems Even more experienced developers and marketers will find the guide helpful to read, particularly if they need a bit of a reality check! Here’s a thoughtful extract:

“1. It is up to you to educate a business owner or a marketing manager on how having the mobile presence will benefit their bottom line.
2. Educating clients in today’s information-busy world is extremely difficult. The attention span of your prospect may just be long enough to take a quick look at your 2 minute video or portfolio of your work. If they do show interest, it is up to you to get them excited with ideas and possibilities.
3. Some may simply not get it. Think of how many businesses today don’t use social media, have an outdated website or no website at all!”

All in all, piJnz is one of the most versatile and comprehensive mobile publishing solutions available on the market and it’s suitable for users of all experience levels. You can find out more over at the Pijinz site

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