PickASO launches app store listing preview tool

App Store Optimisation specialists PickASO have announced AppSnippetPreview, a free web-based tool that lets developers preview their app store listing.
At the moment developers usually have to wait 10 to 14 days until their app is approved by Apple and around 24 hours before it appears on Google Play. The idea of AppSnippetPreview is that developers can see how their listing will appear on phones before submission, allowing them to tweak and optimise the page as much as possible.
The preview displays your app’s name, icon, screenshots and description. According to the Barcelona-based company, developers can use AppSnippetPreview to “strategically build on-metadata” and produce “elegant and stunning App Snippets in any app store’s organic search results or listings.”
PickASO’s Miriam Pelaez says:

“Usually developers, wait for some time while big G and big A approve their apps. iOS developers especially have to wait more than 10-14 days to be approved on App Store. Now you can preview your App Store listings or snippets (Search + Detail) before publishing or updating with just one click.”

When it comes to ASO the major app stores haven’t been all that helpful to developers, so perhaps it’s not surprising Apple and Google don’t have a preview function already built into the submission process. AppSnippetPreview will therefore certainly be welcomed by developers for the time being.
For more information head over to the AppSnippetPreview website where you can use the tool for free.

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