Perion expands mobile marketing solution for improved user engagement

Performance-based media and Internet company Perion has rolled out Growmobile‘s mobile engagement platform. Growmobile has been specifically designed to help marketers grow conversions. It combines mobile user acquisition, CRM engagement as well as social ads in a single dashboard, making it a rounded mobile marketing tool to acquire users.
Growmobile makes it easier to acquire customers
Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 4.52.34 PM
The platform is available as a self-service as well as fully managed option. It enables easy campaign building and monitors their effectiveness. Marketers can acquire users from ad networks, exchanges as well as social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. In addition to the initial acquisition, Growmobile focusses on helping advertisers retain their audiences through analysis. Shai Gottesdiener, General Manager, Growmobile, explains:

“Acquiring and retaining users is the lifeblood behind the long-term success of any app. Marketers and app developers know both of these efforts are non-trivial endeavors. That’s why we’re excited to unveil our newly expanded mobile marketing platform at Casual Connect. Our new platform sets a new standard for end-to-end automation and outfits our clients with the most cutting-edge tools to get and keep their users while staying in lockstep with mobile and social media advertising and traffic sources.”

In addition, the company’s CRO Joanna Sammartino Bailey will speak at Casual Connect today.

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