Peggy Anne Salz, MobileGroove on In-App Brand Engagement at APS2014

Jamie Giggs | September 2, 2014

App Marketing

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MobileGroove‘s Chief Analyst and Founder, Peggy Anne Salz, spoke at the App Promotion Summit in London this year on building brand engagement through in-app communication.
Peggy Anne Salz talks about building App Engagement 
Peggy started her presentation by talking about the huge number of apps that are available out there already, and the rapid rate in which the number continues to climb. Some other important statistics shared in the presentation included:

  • There will be a predicted 270 billion app downloads by 2017
  • On average 30 apps are used every month for a duration of 36 hours

The message here was that apps are becoming more and more popular, not just in the mobile gaming sector either. A new shift is taking place which points to utility apps garnering a large amount of attention from users as well as the games which have dominated the market to date.
Peggy highlighted the importance of maintaining a two-way dialogue between the app developer and the user to improve brand engagement – the key theme of the presentation. According to Peggy, users don’t want to be spammed, but they do want a form of communication that keeps them up to date and engaged. Peggy mentioned push messaging and in-app messaging as tools in order to achieve a balance bet, as well as emerging in-app chat technologies which she predicts will be very significant in the industry moving forward. In-app chat allows the user to talk in real-time to the developer: for example, users may talk to app developers about problems they are having with an app’s functionality, or how to get to the next level in a game. Peggy finished her presentation by talking about the Amazon ‘Mayday’ service as an example of a real-time tool that allows for a direct two-way dialogue between the user and a tech advisor, all through a dedicated button.
MobileGroove’s In-App Brand Engagement Presentation
You can check out MobileGroove’s presentation and slides below:

The Twitter Reaction
Here’s a few tweets about the presentation.

Thanks to Peggy and MobileGroove for giving such an interesting talk. You can find more coverage of App Promotion Summit London 2014 here and we’ll be releasing the video and audio recordings of the event soon.

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