Pay With Google launches to make online checkouts faster and easier

Andy Boxall | October 24, 2017

App Business

Google has launched its Pay With Google platform, which speeds up the online checkout process considerably, taking away many of the frustrations for buyers, making the experience easier and more likely to be used.

It links buyers existing payment information stored on various Google services, such as YouTube, Android Pay, or Google itself, with other checkout systems. When a buyer needs to fill out forms or provide payment details, it’s all automatically filled in by Pay With Google.

Pay With Google is available on the web when users browse with Chrome, or on Android. Various partners have already signed up, including Dice, Fancy, Wish, and Instacart. AirBNB, JustEat, Derliveroo, and Hotel Tonight are all among those services coming soon.

For developers, Pay With Google is implemented using the Google Payment API with only a few lines of code, and Google says it doesn’t charge transaction fees. There are only a few payment partners listed at the moment, with many more to come.

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