Pandora tests interactive voice ads to boost engagement

Anne Freier | July 27, 2020

App Business

Popular US radio app, Pandora, is testing interactive voice ads which allow listeners to respond back to advertising prompts.

The ad format was originally launched back in December 2019 and trialled with brands including Doritos, Unilever and Nestle, among others.

The ad format has been well-received among Pandora’s audience with 47% of users saying they liked being able to respond vocally and 30% feeling neutral about the functionality. A majority of 72% found the ads easy to engage with.

The ads include a brief explainer so that listeners understand how they can interact with them.

Most brands start with a question so that users can interact straight away. For example, Wendy’s asked if users were hungry and when they said “yes”, the ad continued.

The ad format makes use of audio’s capabilities to engage listeners without them needing to look at their devices.

This is useful during times when listeners are otherwise engaged, for example, while commuting or preparing food.

According to Pandora’s early tests, ads that were funny or entertaining were generally perceived to be more engaging.

For now, the format is still undergoing beta testing to optimise the format and ensure better conversion and measurements. Advertisers such as AT&T, KFC, T-Mobile and Volvo, among others, have already signed up for beta testing.

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