Pandora reveals premium marketplace for programmatic mobile audio inventory

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 21, 2018

Music streaming platform Pandora has launched a premium marketplace that lets advertisers buy audio inventory programmatically for both mobile and desktop.
The company is launching a pilot programme with car maker Volkswagen and more partners are to be added over the coming months.

“The launch of our programmatic audio marketplace will give advertisers the unique opportunity to efficiently reach Pandora’s audience—the largest set of listeners in the US—in a targeted way, within a brand-safe environment,” explained John Trimble, Chief Revenue Officer at Pandora. “With the rise of voice-activated devices, the demand for quality audio inventory is rapidly accelerating. This offering positions us for growth by meeting the needs of our current buying partners and unlocking market opportunities in the near future.”

Currently, Pandora is among the largest publishers for digital audio in the US. Once the pilot proves successful, display and video ad inventories will also be available for programmatic purchasing.
Among the benefits of programmatic buying on Pandora are its reach of more than 73 million monthly active listeners.

“Cars and music both have a way of eliciting an emotional connection. At Volkswagen we’re always looking to effectively reach drivers consumers in ways that move them while maintaining scale in a brand-safe environment,” added Jim Zabel, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Volkswagen. “By working with Pandora for its programmatic audio pilot we’ll now have the opportunity to efficiently reach a large base of listeners with the quality first-party data that our campaigns require.”

Pandora has partnered with The Trade Desk, AdsWizz’s AudioMatic and MediaMath to roll out its audio inventory.
In 2018, the company further plans to expand its programmatic solutions range and dynamic audio capabilities.