Pandora launches new rich media advertising format for mobile app

Pandora, the music app for fans and artists, just rolled out a new rich media ad format for mobile video and display. The company hopes marketers will be able to make more of an impact through the latest experiences and see strong results. In addition, it gives its 80m monthly active users control over the ads they see.
Pandora rolls out responsive mobile display ads
The ads are being officially launched after beta tests this summer with Express and the Lexus Dealer Association.
Pandora says what differentiates the ads is that they make use of natural mobile user behaviour. Fitted neatly into the square space where the album artwork is housed, listeners will be able to swipe to dismiss ads. The new format supports IAB standards for ads, and measurements include listener engagement including time spent and viewability.
The company notes that listeners who engaged with the advertiser’s landing page for over 30 seconds doubled.
John Trimble, Chief revenue officer, Pandora, adds:

“At Pandora, we believe what is good for the listener is good for the advertiser. We saw an industry-wide problem with visual mobile ads and focused on what ‘the impression’ initially set out to achieve: viewability, time spent, attention and engagement. We’re changing the game by helping advertisers think less about traditional impressions and more about the quality of each interaction.”

Among the top features of the new ads are responsive mobile display – an ad canvas that auto-adjusts to the size of the phone’s screen. Videos can be served in mute, giving users full control over whether they want to un-mute and view them or not.
Pandora adds that in-app viewability measurements will be taken care of by Moat.
Jim Hilt, Chief marketing officer, Express, adds:
james hilt

“We are a brand that embraces the spirit of individualism and when we’re thinking about connecting with our customers, we want to be sure we’re doing it in a way that reflects that. Pandora’s visual ad experience will allow us to share visual elements of our brand while listeners are enjoying the personalized music they love. We’re excited to partner with Pandora on bringing ‘what’s now’ to such an influential audience.”

The new ad format joins Sponsored Listening which Pandora launched last summer.

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