Pandora launches new mobile audio advertising formats for greater impact

Pandora, the music streaming app, just rolled out three new audio ad formats for advertisers which expand its current portfolio of mobile ads.

The latest formats emphasise versatility, personalisation and are shorter for more impact. The way it works is that marketers can now put together multiple short audio ads for different listeners. This allows them to sequentially target their ads as part of a larger campaign. Ad formats will be around 10 seconds long.

The new audio formats include short form, dynamic and sequential audio ads.

“At Pandora, personalisation is built into our DNA, beginning with our algorithm, The Music Genome Project,” a spokesperson for the company said. “Over the past year, we’ve been deeply curious about how personalised audio strategies can advance advertiser goals and as a result, have tested with over 20 select partners to understand effectiveness in this realm.”

According to initial tests, short form audio ads of 4-10 seconds tended to perform better in terms of brand lift, foot traffic and conversions. For example, snack brand Lays noted that 10 second ads improved it return on ad spend by 56%.

The format can also be placed alongside longer ad spots. In tests with Esurance, Pandora found that its 10 second spots increased quote initiations, whereas 30-second ads sparked more conversations.

By stringing ads together sequentially for different audiences, brands can ensure that different ads reach different customers. Pandora adds that tests of its dynamic and sequential audio formats saw purchase intent rise by 125% compared to standard creatives at 13%.

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