Pan Katsukis, CEO, Remerge on App Retargeting and User Engagement

James Cooper | February 9, 2015

App Marketing

Pan Katsukis, CEO & Founder, Remerge was interviewed at App Promotion Summit Berlin by George Osborn of Mobile Mavericks.  We are now able to share video and audio recordings as well as a transcript – thanks to Pan for the interesting insights.

Pan Katsukis, CEO, Remerge on App Retargeting and User Engagement Video

Pan Katsukis, CEO, Remerge on App Retargeting and User Engagement Audio

Pan Katsukis, CEO, Remerge on App Retargeting and User Engagement Transcript

Pan Katsukis, CEO, Remerge. Interviewed by George Osborn at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014.
Hi I’m George Osborn and I’m at the App Promotion Summit, Berlin and I have been joined by Pan, who is the CEO with Remerge. Hi, Pan how are things?
Hi, thank you very well.
That’s good so what do Remerge do?
We have provided a new platform, which is focusing on app retargeting. We’re engaging uses get transparency what the users are doing in the apps. Creating segments and running campaigns into 50,000 other apps in order to convert in doing and buying stuff in the app or just focusing on getting active uses again into the app.
Okay, so why did you go into this sector? What was the opportunity did you think?
Yeah, well I was actually founder of Madvertise before so we did like an ad network, a mobile ad network, and learned a lot about the RTB ecosystem and about the ecosystem in general. Then I was like three months in the US and was talking with a lot of customers and clients and what are the opportunities and quite fast we thought about the doing something in retargeting, re-engagement there’s a lot of manual stuff going on there, but the results so far look like really well, and if you look at the user acquisition challenges, everyone’s talking about user acquisition, how to get like new customers the cheapest way, the most active way, but the question is like do companies outside who have millions of uses already, the questions is how are you really doing marketing concepts on basis of existing users? That’s where we come in and with a really easy, simple tool to just get information of the uses to just set up retargeting campaigns with the goal of really getting like longer customer lifetime value of the users.
Okay, so how exactly how exactly does your tool work, in a simple way, I guess?
Yeah, sure at first you don’t need an STK [SP]. We’re working with all the existing analytics and attribution providers directly where we getting all the data streams plus also the CRM systems or their own data warehouse systems of the customer and then you get transparency who’s doing what and in the platform you can choose what kind of segments you want to retarget, for example. Lapsed users or users who have done a purchase and within, define like a conversion event. Like, okay, he needs to open the apps three times and then it’s active user again and then, you’re running like a retargeting campaign based in real time bidding to our partners like [inaudible 00:02:17], Google and so on. Then we are looking at the users we show them a personalized message, and then he gets back to the app and gets maybe a reward or to go for a purchase, and that’s it, so it’s like complete suit of the whole process of setting up of retargeting campaigns in a user base.
Okay, so it sounds like retargeting is a really important part of app marketing in the future, but have you got any other interesting mobile marketing trends that you think will be taking everyone’s interest in 2015?
Yes sure, I mean thinking about customer lifetime values. The next step [inaudible 00:02:53] installing users, getting users in [inaudible 00:02:57] this global market it was the like first big thing in the last two, three, four years and right now, I mean we still need to, there’s a lot of technology silos, we are also seeing that a lot of data is there. Somehow connecting the data is a really important thing to just make like efficient and scaleable campaigns or marketing channels which we really are focusing on increasing the customer lifetime value. I mean even also like all the companies they have like different aims we had like a one slide there which was like “find your a-ha moment” so what is the most important one that you can see okay, this is where I’m going to head for because that is really working for my user base and yet, somehow getting this data all together is a really important point, and I guess we are there still really in the beginning and I’m really sure that there will be a lot of companies out there trying to solve this data silos out there.
Okay, well, that seems like a really interesting challenge. Thank you very much for joining us, Pan.
Okay, thank you.