Did You Know That Paid User Acquisition Feeds Organic Mobile Traffic?

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Posted: December 20, 2016

Trying to promote your new mobile app? But not sure what tool you should use to reach the top ranking in the app stores? Then this post is just for you. Of course, for a higher ranking position, growing installs is the number one mission for any mobile app developer. Also, it’s not new that a well thought-out user acquisition strategy should consists of the mix of organic installs and paid campaigns. But many see these marketing methods only as separate tools, which is not exactly this way.
Well, to get the most out of each, it’s critical to understand how paid installs impact organic installs, and vice versa. According to the Tune Business Intelligence team, paid app installs drastically boost organic traffic. They explained this statement with the fact that for every paid install apps get 1.5 additional organic installs on average. That should have a strong implication for your mobile strategy.

Below we have listed the major cases that prove a beneficial effect from a paid user acquisition.
Make your app easier to find in the stores
Potential users are skimming through the virtual stores until something download-worthy catches their attention, and you of course want to make sure that that something is your app. Paid installs will really get the ball rolling. The more installs you get, the sooner Google Play or App Store will notice you, and your ranking will start to increase. In turn, higher in the listings means more organic installs, as your app will be among the highest ranked apps that are commonly considered as more relevant and high-quality.
More revenue means a greater growth potential
Building the organic traffic is not an easy task, but it’s worth your efforts, as it has a long-term impact on your ROI. The results from your investments to uplift organic installs will be true for weeks or even months. However, you should remember that when your app hits the top ranking in stores it doesn’t mean it will be there for ever. Without further inputs and updates, your app’s rating will decrease. Thus, investment is still necessary, but it will pay off in spades.
Be more social
It is obvious that the results are not the same across all app categories. So, the more social app you have, like games or lifestyle apps, the bigger effect you will get. For instance, there are games where one install can easily turn into 5 or even 10 installs. That’s the real massive boost, isn’t it?
However, it doesn’t mean that paid installs will be useless in other categories. If you have shopping or entertainment apps, you will definitely see the increase in your ranking, but it will require more time to get to the top.
So, don’t waste your time, go and reach the top ranking in your category, and enjoy a thousandfold installs. You think it’s a magic? Maybe. But, we at GOWIDE call it marketing strategy, and know how to manage it. We are equipped with tons of well-trusted social channels and hundreds of ways to get paid installs that will deliver a large amount of organic traffic. We, at GOWIDE, know how to get users to install your app.

Contact GOWIDE Ad Network today, and we will start improving your app positioning right away.

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