PadSquad partners with RebelMouse to roll out optimised mobile content distribution solution for publishers

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Content publishers are being drawn into a mobile-first marketplace where marketing is being distributed via social media, but screens are that much smaller. This has required them to adapt their strategy for content distribution.
Now, PadSquad, the mobile software company, has partnered up with social media distribution publishing platform, RebelMouse, to focus in on the trend and offer mobile content distribution and mobile monetisation for publishers.
PadSquad and RebelMouse roll out mobile content distribution for publishers
The companies have teamed up to solve the content publishing challenge in an increasingly mobile world, combining their content management and distribution solutions with mobile advertising tools.
The Distributed Content Management System (DCMS) by RebelMouse lets digital publishers create content in various formats including articles, posts and GIFs. These are then optimised to perform better across devices and social networks. With integration of PadSquad’s SuperDIV mobile advertising technology, publishers then get to select mobile ad formats which have been designed for maximum user engagement.
One such publishers who trialled the new extension is OneCountry MediaLela Davidson, Vice President and General Manager at One Country Media, says:
lela davidson

“Eight months ago, we were using an outdated, legacy CMS with a poor user experience on mobile, due in part to intrusive and slow-loading ad units. Since migrating to the RebelMouse Roar solution, with PadSquad’s unique mobile ad formats integrated, we’ve doubled programmatic revenue on mobile traffic.”

Using more polite ad formats is an important criteria for many consumers on mobile devices. PadSquad ad placements are designed to be dynamic, but integrated and in line with the mobile content layout. These are responsive mobile formats, which reveal in a less obstructive way without overlaying or blocking content.
Tony Christensen, Director of Monetization Strategy, RebelMouse, confirms:
tony christensen

“Social can no longer be an afterthought for savvy publishers, and today social content worth sharing is most often viewed on mobile devices. We empower our clients with analytics and tools for growth, believing strongly that advertising on their pages should add value to the editorial experience. Having PadSquad’s hand-crafted mobile formats integrated into our DCMS is an effective combination for publishers, advertisers, and, most importantly, consumers.”

In line with smoothening the transition from traditional devices to mobile devices, IAB Tech Lab released the LEAN Ads program which establishes guidelines for publishers on how to choose an engaging digital strategy.
PadSquad adds that connecting CMS technology with mobile monetisation technology is something publishers should look into. Daniel Meehan, CEO of PadSquad, affirms:
daniel meehan

“Instead of potentially chasing integrations with the latest platform offer that you don’t have any control over, such as Facebook’s Instant Articles, Apple News, Google’s AMP, we think savvy publishers should invest in their existing CMS and mobile stack first. Great new technology, like RebelMouse, exists in the market and can inform a publisher’s entire content distribution strategy. Paired with world-class mobile ad formats and monetization, there is a huge upside for publishers to grow.”

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