Over-the-top video apps suffer from 67% churn and low engagement

Andy Boxall | October 5, 2018

App Business

A new study shows over-the-top video apps have a high churn rate and low user engagement. The data comes from CleverTap, and states only 26% of new users play a video three times in the first month of using the app, and that 67% of users don’t play any videos in the first two weeks.

It’s not all bad news. CleverTap looked at 8.7 billion data points across 100 million devices to understand the current over-the-top video app situation. It says 78% of new users register after less than a week, and the average user registers within eight minutes of first opening the app.

User retention stands at 41.8%, on average over the first week, but app stickiness for daily and monthly app users is only 24%. the average uninstall rate over the first 30 days is 35%, while reinstall rates over the same amount of time is 20%.

CleverTap has published an in-depth report on over-the-top video apps and their performance here.

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