Over half of mobile users engage with adverts after they have been in view for at least 15 seconds

Publisher monetisation platform, 33Across, has just announced the results of its online advertising performance analysis to measure the viewability of ads. The company tested how length of ads in view impacts user engagement and found that over 50% of users engage with a mobile, tablet or desktop advert after it has been in view for 15 seconds.
Conducted over seven days in September 2016, the analysis included 2,823 advertisers and ran a combined 160m online ads across 738 publisher sites in the US.
The measured adverts had an average viewability of 87.5% on desktop, 89.2% on tablet and 89.8% on mobile. According to 33Across, high impact ads tended to be in view for just over one minute. Desktop ads (85%) tend to remain in view longer than mobile ads (70%) or tablets (75%).
Engagement by device
Source: 33across.com
In addition, the research found that among ads that were clicked, 50% of engagement occurred on desktop after 15 seconds. On mobile and tablet, 50% of engagement happened a little faster – after seven seconds. If an ad is longer, engagement rates tend to increase. At 30 seconds, 74% of users on mobile engaged with ads compared to 78% on tablet.
Post the 30-second mark, user engagement tends to increase an average 0.15% up to 60 seconds.
According to 33Across, this study proves that in order for online ads to be effective ads need to be viewable and remain in view beyond the minimum period. The Media Ratings Council defines viewability for a display ad as having 50% of an ad’s pixels in view for at least one second.
Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across, explains:

“If a marketer’s main metric is viewability based on the MRC guideline and our analysis proves that 98% of engagement happens after one second, it’s clear that there’s a small chance users will see that ad, much less engage with it. For CMOs to have any meaningful return on their investments, they need to raise the bar on both ad viewability and time-in-view.”

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