Over half of mobile advertisers consider themselves beginners

A study by digital marketing news outlet ClickZ together with marketing provider Search Optics, revealed that mobile marketers have a long way to go, with over half (55%) of respondents rating themselves as beginners when it comes to mobile marketing.
Room to grow for mobile-first strategies
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Source: searchoptics.com
Based on the answers of 400 advertisers, the research also highlights that programmatic will drive much of ad spend in 2016. 54% of respondents plan to increase their spending in programmatic mobile and 51% in programmatic video. 42% plan on keeping mobile budgets the same, whilst 4% plan to decrease expenditure.
Programmatic drives spend
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Source: searchoptics.com
Mobile advertising in particular enables marketers to target their campaigns more precisely. Respondents rated retargeting based on unique device IDs as an excellent way to drive mobile ad ROI, followed by competitor business, name of business and location.
Hyperlocal in focus
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Source: searchoptics.com
Just 12% of those questioned rated mobile paid search ROI as excellent. At least a third of marketers still aren’t sure how to measure the ROI of their mobile ad campaigns.
How do you rate your ROI from mobile advertising?
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Source: searchoptics.com
46% of respondents said they did not see mobile ad spend correlating with client use of mobile media.
When it comes to tracking mobile ads Google Analytics ranks top, followed by measuring increased web traffic and online attribution.
Tracking mobile ad campaigns
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Source: searchoptics.com
Top challenges for agencies to focus on a mobile-first approach include a lack of resources of budget as well as lack of marketing knowledge. Clients also noted disparate data sources as a core hurdle.
Core challenges to focus on mobile
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Source: searchoptics.com
An unnamed survey respondent says:

“Armed with their mobile devices, consumers are conducting ‘near me’ searches that require brands to be more responsive than ever. If your business is not present when near me moments of need occur, you might as well not exist. Businesses that manage and distribute their location data properly are visible when those near me searches occur on mobile devices. Even better, enterprises that pair location data with contextual content turn those near me moments into ‘next moments’ of purchase.”

Indeed, the study highlights that there’s much room to grow within the mobile advertising industry. Budgets but also relevant knowledge will need to correlate in order to gain the most from a mobile campaign. However, as more and more advertising providers are deepening their understanding and services, it’s likely to spending will catch up.

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