Over half of marketers are increasing the number of media sources they use, but majority prefer single measurement platforms

As average digital ad expenditure continues to grow to $224 billion in 2017, with mobile now accounting for 63% of all digital spend, the number of sources marketers are using has steadily increased.
According to research by Singular, modern day marketing stacks are a combination of different data and analytical sources, making it harder for teams to effectively analyze and optimize their campaigns.
The survey conducted in partnership with app growth company Grow.co, finds that the average digital marketer is now attributing budget to 12 different media sources at any given time. In 2018, at least half (51%) of marketers are planning to increase the number of media sources they use.
On average, marketers are using 17 marketing tools and services to run their campaigns.
However, just 13% of them are confident that their data is both complete and accurate. Another 8% said they were confident that they were attributing campaigns across devices and platforms.
The report also suggests that the amount of new data in 2018 will become an increasing challenge. Marketers are bound to utilize new sources, platforms and advance their analytics tools.
It comes as no surprise that mobile advertisers are staying on top of new technologies (AI, VI) and address challenges such as advertising fraud. The problem is that the growing number of data points makes transparent analytics even more difficult.
Unsurprisingly, a whopping 98% of marketers prefer a single platform to measure marketing performance.

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