Out-of-home advertising lifts smartphone brand actions by 17%

Out-of-home marketer, Outsmart, has found that out-of-home advertising (OOH) generates a 17% lift in smartphone brand actions. Search results were based on the behaviours of 470 people aged 16-44 and recorded by research firm Ipsos and outdoor media specialist Route.
Out-of-home advertising generates 17% lift in smartphone brand engagement 
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Source: outsmart.org.uk
The Outperform study also shows that smartphone brand actions rose 38% among the 20 top performing campaigns used as part of the study. These were even higher for Millennials and Gen Z audiences.
Alan Brydon, CEO, Outsmart, says:
alan byron

“Our study reveals a clear message; having OOH on your media plan will increase interaction with your brand via a smartphone. We already know that OOH builds brands and delivers long term effectiveness. With our ‘OutPerform’ results we’ve shown that OOH is a gateway to personal time with brands, simultaneously driving brand interaction in the short term and all advertisers and agencies should want to learn more.”

The research utilised geo-location techniques and data-driven broadcast OOH. It involved over 60,000 websites and 1,300 hours of OOH dwell time, 16,000 brand actions and 150 hours of brand time.
66% of smartphone actions are direct to brand, proving that OOH converts brand ads into brand behaviour. Another 57% of respondents who acted upon ads were new or lapsed consumers. This further highlights the power of OOH for brands which seek growth to reach more consumers.
Tim Lumb, Insight and Effectiveness Director, Outsmart, adds:
tim lumb

“In an age of snapping, searching, sharing and shopping, OOH and smartphones, now more than ever, have proven to be a very powerful combination for brands to make connections with people.”

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