Original digital video content ads are easy to remember, says IAB study

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has just released a new report which finds that more viewers are now consuming original digital programming. In 2016, viewership was 63m compared to 45m in 2013, according to the 2016 Original Digital Video StudyMedian household income of this audience grew 9% since 2015 and Millennials are now twice as likely as those aged 35+ to watch digital content programmes.
Whilst the majority of viewers were found to be viewing content on laptop/desktop devices (75%), this trend is shifting fast towards smartphones (67%). As mobile device screens are growing, it’s likely that ever more users will be consuming content on those devices.
Devices Used Monthly+ to View Original Digital Video
Source: iab.net
Half of male Millennials said they remembered ads better when the content was in digital format. Overall, the audience for ad recall on digital video grew to 38% from 29% a year ago.
Ad Statement Association 
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Source: iab.net
36% of viewers also believe original digital programming to be “more interesting” and likable than traditional content. This type of content is also seen as offering more flexibility and access to exclusive content.
Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB, says:
Anna bager

“Considering these research findings, there is ample reason for advertisers to want to take advantage of original digital video. This growing format not only attracts a valuable young demographic, but also appeals to the notoriously hard-to-reach audience of cord-cutters/nevers. So, it is no wonder that marketers and media buyers are crowding NewFronts presentations to see the latest in premium original digital video programming.”

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