Opera Mediaworks partners with Unacast to deliver beacon proximity data for mobile retargeting campaigns

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Mobile advertising platform, Opera Mediaworks, recently announced a partnership with Unacast to deliver beacon and proximity data for mobile retargeting campaigns. Beacon data is a relatively new field within mobile advertising. It more accurately determines consumer behaviour than GPS data. The move enables Opera Mediaworks’ clients to aggregate offline consumer behavioural data which can be used to further personalise ads and schedule more effective mobile campaigns.
Opera Mediaworks partners with Unacast for beacon technology
Source: operamediaworks.com
Beacons work by interacting with a user’s smartphone to drive contextual content. According to BI Intelligence, 85% of the top retail locations across the US will deploy beacon hardware and software by the end of 2016. Unacast, earlier this year, estimated that 400m beacons could be deployed worldwide by 2020, as Q4 2015 experienced a 52% rise to 5m.
Beacon proximity sensors are able to track as consumers enter and exist retail locations as well as coffee shops, gyms, buy food or engage in other behaviours. For example, a fashion brand could identify a consumer’s interest in jeans, tracking it down to size and style, which allows marketers to deliver highly relevant ads.
Using Opera Mediaworks’ platform, retailers which have already deployed beacons will be able to utilise their beacon data and retarget their own customers to encourage in-store or online store visits. In addition, clients with various types of proximity data can monetise data to allow advertisers to license it anonymously.
Thomas Walle, CEO and Co-founder, Unacast, says:
thomas walle

“Proximity data is of huge value to the world’s biggest advertisers and publishers, and, now that we’ve successfully aggregated it from independent beacon providers around the world, its full potential can be realized. With this deal in place, advertisers can use the data from our collective network to grow their businesses. If brands already use beacons, they can now retarget customers and develop custom audiences for campaign targeting. We also provide one powerful marketplace for all players to monetize that beacon data.”

Unacast also provides a solution to the challenge which beacon data presents in terms of scaling due to high fragmentation of beacon and proximity industry. The Unacast PROX Network collects beacon data to create the largest network of proximity companies globally, which aggregates, standardises and tags data to build targeting profiles for millions of users. Unacast partnered with over 40 of the world’s largest proximity providers and is on track to partner with 100 by the end of 2016.
Andrew Dubatowka, Director of Product Strategy, Opera Mediaworks, adds:
andrew dubatowka

“The real value of beacon data is in its accuracy and granularity. Until now, that has simply meant targeting a shopper in the moment, as they walk down the aisle about a nearby product on sale. With this partnership, marketers can extend the life of that beacon data beyond the confines of the store and, with a detailed understanding of a shopper’s interests, apply it in other contexts, such as audience targeting and even ROAS (return on ad spend) measurement.”

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