Opera Mediaworks and Immersion roll out mobile video ads with tactile effects

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Opera Mediaworks, the mobile ad platform and Immersion Corporation, a developer of haptic technology, have launched their first collaborative touch-enhanced mobile ads through Opera Mediaworks, in partnership with Stoli Vodka and Horizon Media. Touch-enhanced advertising is being enabled through Immersion’s TouchSense Engage technology, providing brands with more power to reach and engage consumers.
Opera Mediaworks and Immersion TouchSense Engage bring touch-enhanced mobile ads
Source: businesswire.com
Mike Owen, EVP, North America Sales, Opera Mediaworks, says:
mike owen

“Haptic feedback is no longer a simple buzz, or a mere notification of a message. With sophisticated haptic effects, a series of unique vibrations can evoke real-world meaning, like the thumps of a heartbeat or the feel of an approaching car – which is a significant new creative capability for advertisers. We are excited to offer it on our mobile ad platform.”

Stoli Vodka, through its agency Horizon Media, was first to test touch-enhanced ads on Opera Mediaworks. The “Stoli: THE Vodka” campaign currently runs on LDA-compliant Android apps embedded on the company’s SDK.
Stoli touch enhanced advertising

Source: vimeo.com
Jason Patton, VP and GM of Content and Media, Immersion, says:
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“With the help of Opera Mediaworks’ distribution and network, tactile video advertising now reaches more than a million users daily. Through the expansion of TouchSense technology in advertising, we’re taking another step in promoting the broad adoption of touch in media on mobile devices and enabling a richer, more interactive experience for consumers. Consumer focus groups conducted by Immersion show that media enhanced with tactile effects result in an increased feeling of immersiveness, intent to buy and brand recall.”

TouchSense Engage deployment is simple with easy integration that enables marketers to control the feature. Opera Mediaworks’ SDK manages haptic synchronisation with InstantPlay HD mobile video through TouchSense Engage.

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