Opera Mediaworks and Immersion bring haptic technology to mobile video advertising

Mobile advertising and marketing platform, Opera Mediaworks, has partnered with Immersion Corporation, the developer and licensor of haptic technology, to bring touch technology to video.
The companies ran a series of tests of their new haptic effects with major brands including Lexus and Peugeot and noted a boost for click-through rates, views, replay rates and recall.
Opera Mediaworks partners with Immersion for mobile haptic ads
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Source: immersion.com
The collaboration makes use of Immersion’s TouchSense technology which adds touch to mobile adverts allowing brands to create more engaging ads.
Mobile adverts with a haptic effect increased click-through rates between 28-220% over those without haptics. One brand even saw positive sentiment jump by 23% and another noted replay rates of 31% on mobile phones and 59% of tablets. Haptic effects did more than double ad recall metrics for some of the brands which ran beta.
Mike Owen, Executive Vice President, North America Sales, Opera Mediaworks, says:
mike owen

“These kinds of results – even at such an early stage of this technology – speak to the power of adding feeling as a new component of video, in addition to the existing sight, sound and motion. It’s a whole new way for consumers to experience and interact with the brands they care about most. Haptic effects give advertisers an added dimension to play with, and we believe that it will evolve their storytelling and have a significant long-term impact on the creative ad experience.”

Haptic technologies for mobile adverts have been praised by the ad industry already. A haptic-enhanced mobile ad campaign for Peugeot was listed as a finalist at the 2016 MOMA Awards in three categories: Best Use of Technology, Most Innovative Use of Mobile, and Best Use of Video/Rich Media.
Todd Whitaker, Vice President of Marketing at Immersion, adds:
todd whitaker

“Haptics has been very successful adding a more realistic sense of feel to games, but advertising is a space where the creative use of the sense of touch really shines. Our TouchSense technology allows creatives to connect brands to their prospects in a way that is only possible when visual, audio, and tactile senses are fully engaged in a concept. We are incredibly excited to continue working with Opera and its top notch brand partners.”

Immersion TouchSense technology is deployed in mobile apps through integration which lets media control the actuator, the vibrating motor in a mobile device. Opera Mediaworks SDK uses TouchSense tech to manage haptic synchronisation with its Instant-Play HD mobile video product via a small library plug-in.
Sarah Bachman, VP, Mobile Strategy, Horizon Media, whose client leveraged the TouchSense technology on Opera’s platform, adds:
Sarah Bachman

“The incredible response to our first ad enhanced with touch proved that haptic technology isn’t going away anytime soon. We’re looking forward to integrating the technology into future campaigns and exploring where else we can implement it on behalf of our clients.”

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